iTunes link: aVMail

Please notice that aVMail works with AccessLine voice mail only.  If you do not have an AccessLine account then you can not use aVMail.  To learn more about AccessLine please visit

Please if you have any trouble with aVMail send email.

aVMail is a program to give you easy access to your voice mail.  If you use Teledesk for your desktop then you will find aVMail useful on your iPhone.  The program will list both new and saved voice mail.  Each voice mail listing includes the phone number, date, time and length of message.  You also have the option to "Listen" to the voice mail or "Call" the person back.  The 'Ext' button give you access to your active extension and change it.  The 'Edit' button give you the option to select message(s) and then either delete or move (new <-> saved) the selected message(s).
Notice: version 1.13 has audio output control plus option to save between uses or set once and reset after use


  • Support to view faxes
  • Audio slider to control message playback
  • Playing voice message controls are rewind (10 seconds), stop and forward (10 seconds) done with a floating control
  • Control audio out by selecting handset for private listening, speaker or music for ear bud or connector or speaker
  • Support up to 12 digit pin (will need to update your saved pin in the program settings)
  • Setup settings at iPhone Home > Settings > aVMail
  • Support for moving a message from New to Saved and back
  • Support for multi select delete or move
  • Support for displaying name or number
  • Ext button for access to active Extension
  • Support urgent message (red phone number)
  • Support private message (red listen button)
  • Dial direct or thru Accessline
  • Listen to voice mail with one button
  • Return the call with one button
Audio options are; handset for phone handset, speaker for speaker only, music for iPhone headset, iPhone connector or iPhone speaker (first available).  Music will send audio to stereo bluetooth receivers only.

Calling is only available with the iPhone, however you can listen with iPod Touch.