iTunes Link: gFood

gFood is a weekly menu plus shopping lists. The weekly menu gives you a place to store meals so you can plan your shopping needs. gFood keeps separate shopping list for grocery stores and bulk food stores. All of the data is stored in Google Documents so you must have a Google Documents account (Google Documents is free at You can have more then one device sign in with the same login information to share the menu and shopping lists. 

Step 1 - Goto the settings tab and enter Google Docs username and password, select the Save button 

Step 2 - Create your weekly menu, select the day you want to edit.  Make the change and select Save.  Repeat has often as you want.

Step 3 - Create your store and bulk purchase list by selecting the store or bulk tab.  Then select the '+' button to create a new entry and when done select the Save button.

Step 4 - While shopping check the items you purchased 

Please note that the Save button will be available when your device data changes. The Save button will upload the changes so other devices can see the changes. The Save button will also delete all 'checked' items on the shopping lists.

Version 1.3 - changed auto reload feature
Version 1.1 & 1.2 - fixes a data load problem