iTunes link: WhatToday

WhatToday is a daily planner view of your device's calendar that show's yesterday, today and tomorrow's events while integrating with your Contacts. When you single tap an event, WhatToday will display the event details were you can edit and/or delete the event, if available.  Also from the front screen you can create events using the plus (+) icon.  When you double tap an event, WhatToday will use the location and title fields to search your Contacts for a match. Once a match is found, you will be able to view the contacts details and call, email and map the address.  If the event details match multiple contacts then a list of contacts is shown were you can select any to view more details.

New with version 1.6 -
- support for more then yesterday, today and tomorrow
- yesterday and tomorrow buttons clicked repeated continue to the next day
- today always shows the current day events

New with version 1.5 -
- add 24 hour clock support
- add title only support
- these are options on the Setup screen

New with version 1.4 - 
- fix calendar setup problem
- support calling thru Google Voice using EasyGV 2.1 or higher (when you select a contacts phone number WhatToday will use EasyGV to place the call)

New with version 1.3 -
- Single tap to view event details
- Double tap to view contact details
- + icon to create new events
- Events are able to be edited or deleted
- Contacts are able to be edited or deleted
- 30 minute refresh, hold current view
- iPad support, three views at once